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Any support at all is greatly appreciated, but most urgently we need to spread the word and raise funds to help cover Marna's legal expenses & other costs related to clearing her name.

There are many ways to pitch in and help, but most urgently, we need your help to spread the word and raise funds for Marna’s legal fund so that she may secure effective legal representation, argue her grounds for relief, and finally have her day in court, where all the evidence can be examined by experts and considered thoroughly and without prejudice by a Judge.

Please take a moment to share this story and website with your social and professional networks and donate generously, knowing that every penny of your donation will be used to fund Marna’s legal defense and exoneration efforts.


This is absolutely vital to the success of Marna’s defense, so we kindly ask you to give whatever you can spare in order to help Marna pay for the quality legal assistance her case requires.

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Help us get Marna’s story heard! Please share this website with your contacts or spread the word on social media. Marna’s liberty depends on it.

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