Robert Lawson wrote the following letter to Marna while they were both locked up. Read for yourself as he outlines his motives for killing Gerri and justifies the years of wilful and persistent abuse he perpetrated in order to exact his revenge upon her. The letter has been transcribed for ease of reading, but you can also view the handwritten letter itself below.


In 1993, I was I was sitting in the county jail facing 30 to life. I swore then and there that if I beat the case she’ll pay dearly. She was the prosecution’s main star witness. With her on the stand I was a done deal, life in prison with prior and persistent filed against me, I would never see freedom again. There was only one thing to do, keep her off the witness stand. There was her, I and a third party involved. She didn’t tell on the third party, just me. I kept saying to myself all you wanted to do was get your life together and I had my mind made up that in order to do that, I was going to have to cut all ties with her. There was no way I’d ever be able to straighten out my own wreck of a life with someone whose life had been a total wreck all her life. I felt sorry for her in the first placed tried to help out not realizing at the time that I needed to help my own self out before I could help anyone else.The pity turned into a sick fucked up love relationship that went from good to worse in no time. We were both sick she was sicker she had been doing what she was doing for years chronically. I used to never have a drink before noon then it kept getting earlier and earlier and before I knew it I had learned to become a 24-7 drunk. Anyway in the spring April of 93 I took a hard look at myself and the fucked up relationship I was in and decided if I was ever going to get


my life togetherI had to end the relationship which was already at rock bottom. I was as nice as I could be. I told her I’d take her anywhere she wanted to go. When we parted it was I thought as friends. We gave each other a hug and wished the best for one another. I took her and gave her a safe place to live as she was sleeping in her car. I did everything I could for her, including supporting her habit. I though about all of the while I was in jail wondering how this happened to me. And to top it all off she got my truck and the first month I was in jail she was coming up to see me in jail saying she knew nothing or how I got busted. Well I know I’d find out soon as I got the discovery so I let things ride because I thought maybe the 3rd party had been busted